It’s that time and everyone expects a “wise woman” to say something – well, you know – WISE.  Oh, I got all kinds of stuff, but you’ve heard it all, I’m sure.  But I think I’ll just share the memory of my favorite New Year’s Eve with you.

It was the eve of the new millineum.   Milleneum.  However you spell it.  I was in San Antonio, Texas where I lived at the time.  I had just gone and retrieved my daughter from a treatment center that they assured me that she belonged, but she had turned 18 on that day (yep, she’s a tax write-off baby!).  So, I drove over an hour, helped her sign herself out, and brought my girl home.

San Antonio, like everywhere else, was going NUTS over the year 2000 coming in.  There was no parking to be had anywhere on the Riverwalk or anywhere else near anything.  Fireworks were going off and revelers freely walked the streets all over the place.  So my daughter and I, with a full tank of gas, drove loop 410 around the downtown area for a couple of hours around midnight, watching fireworks.  If you pulled over to watch, law enforcement yelled at you with bullhorns!  It. Was. Fabulous!!!!  She had the time of her life on her 18th birthday, laughing, oooing and ahhhing, and greeting the year 2000.  And I was with her.

Best New Year’s ever.

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