The Circle of Life!

(Cue the music from Lion King)


     Disasters everywhere!  Hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis, global warming!  WTF???  Have we completely ruined our Mother Earth and she is shaking us off like a dog shakes off fleas??!!

Well, that part IS possible.  However, part of it is a natural process that has gone on for millions of years according to scientists.  Sure, it’s to have million-dollar homes burned in California.  Earthquakes hurt people who are stupid enough to build right on faults, knowing they are doing it – true gamblers if there ever were some.  And oh, those residents in paradise areas that must put up with such tedious hurricanes.  But my heart really goes out to anyone of you who decides to reside in ‘tornado alley.’  What a nightmare you all chose – literally.  I was stationed there for 3 years in the military and it was horrible!  Sirens in the middle of the night, diving for the storm closet, scared out of your skin under a mattress!

This was especially troublesome when I was pregnant with two small children.  And had to pee.

Back to the circle of life thing.  All of these things we call disasters have been happening since earth’s creation.  Think about our own bodies.  We slough off old skin to grow new and even bathe and scrub to move that along and so does the earth – in the form of wildfires and floods.  We stretch and creak and jump around and have bowel movement and pass gas to feel better, more rejuvenated and so does the earth – thus we have earthquakes and volcano eruptions!  Sometimes we have temper tantrums or rages or crying jags to cleanse our emotions and our bodies of negative chemicals that have built up – as does Mother Earth – and she has tornadoes and hurricanes.

Our earth must cleanse and rejuvenate to continue to be healthy, just like any other living thing.  Animals and plant life must all obey that same cycle or it will stagnate.  This has always been so.  These are not new events.  They are not inconveniences that have been suddenly created by man’s destructive presence, although our current increased pace of negative impact has sped things up a bit.  No, these cycles of higher numbers of disasters in a short span of time have happened multiple times in Earth’s long history.  I am not into spitting out those statistics because it bores me.  Look it up, because I don’t spoon-feed adults who can do it for themselves (I already did).

Although we can blame a lot of the world’s problems on our governments, this isn’t one of them because it is too big an inconvenience for them too!  (giggle)  Messes with them big time – screws up their budget, makes them look incompetent, takes them away from their posh surroundings to go visit the disaster areas and look sorry and lie about how they are going to help, yada yada yada.

Speaking of the government’s role in disasters, it ticks me off that everyone expects the government to bail them out when they’ve been ‘inconvenienced by a disaster.  Especially when they are in an area where they KNOW one is likely to happen.  Face it, if you live near an ocean, you are going to eventually be affected by a hurricane somehow.  If you live near any body of water anywhere in the world, you are going to affected by flooding.  If you live near a fault line anywhere in the world, you will someday be affected by earthquake activity.  If you live in tornado alley, you will someday be affected by a tornado.  If you live in areas that are currently at risk for wildfires, be prepared to be affected by wildfires.

Don’t wait for it to happen to get yourselves protected by insurance or to secure your valuables and important things.  If things begin to even LOOK dicey, get your things out early.  I don’t want to see you the news later sobbing that, “I’ve lost everything, even my family’s photos!  We didn’t have insurance!”  If you had money to go out to eat or to movies or to smoke or whatever, you had enough for insurance.  You need to prioritize, especially if you choose to live in one of these potential disaster areas.  As for me?  I choose not to live in one of them, and I have insurance anyway.

About that dog shaking off its fleas?  That may happen one day if we keep mistreating Mother Earth.  But the natural disasters cleansing the earth right now, it’s probably further away than you think.  Um – unless Korea blows us away.  GRIN!

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