Four Leaf Clovers and Other Deviants

You know how we consider things like four-leaf clovers a good-luck charm?  Like the Native American White Bison.  Or a cow born with a spot on its side shaped like the face of Jesus. Yet, these are simply “birth-defects.”  Like a cleft-palate or something.  Odd, huh?

Just goes to show that so-called birth defects can be good as well as bad.  They can even be collectible or worshiped.  They are not actually defects, but anomalies.  (You might have to look up that word.)  A technical term in statistics would be (shudder) deviants.  Most people consider that a negative word, but it just refers to something that deviates from the norm, either positively or negatively.

Humans will save that four-leaf-clover, even pay to mount it under glass.  But they will hide the child with the cleft palate.  They will fawn over the cow with the spot shaped like Jesus, traveling miles just to gaze at it.  However, they will leave behind their adult son with Down’s Syndrome when they go.

I often wonder at the extreme efforts people go to when saving a whale that has beached.  Maybe the whale is deviant?  What if it removed itself from the ocean for a reason?  Humans don’t know everything.

More than ninety-nine percent of all species that ever existed are now extinct.  And man had little to do with the decline of the majority of them because it was way before our time.  Mother Nature had no more use for them.  Sometimes I think humans just need to get out of the way and embrace the deviants.  It’s all part of the awesome process that is (pardon the cliché) “the circle of life!”  (cue the music)

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