When Wise/Smart People Do Dumb Things

Perhaps you’ve noticed I haven’t been around for about a month.  “Really?” you say.  “I’ve been a little busy.”  Oh well, one can hope.

Anyway, sometimes when illness rains down around you as it has for me and mine this month, you find yourself forced into waiting around in places you would not normally choose.  I’m sure you know them well – hospitals, Aunt so-and-so’s kitchen, Motel 6, or (shudder) someone’s spare bedroom.  If it is someone’s MENTAL illness, well that’s more difficult because either everyone whispers or talks about everything BUT the problem.

Everything is back to as normal as it ever is, so here comes Jo’s jewels once more.  All that waiting around and trying to block out the weirdness around me drove me into my mind (rather than out of my mind), allowing me to craft several blog articles ahead of time.  So let’s have fun!

Everyone knows young people do stupid things.  We expect it.  What no one confesses to is that grown-ups do stupid things too.  Don’t EVEN deny it!  No one may know what you did (or still do) that was so dumb.  That does not matter.  It might be illegal, it might not be illegal.  If it was something you would never, ever, ever want your kid/significant other do to, it was dumb.

     That said, what if you did something dumb and you got caught?    Yeah, that’s what I said.  What if you did something dumb and you got caught?  Makes your knees go weak doesn’t it?  Everyone one of us just sat down and thought about that one thing we most don’t want someone to know about that we’ve done.  Or, perhaps, some of us have already been caught doing that thing.  Let’s consider some of those things:  adultery, DUI, stealing, illegal drugs (yeah, including pot), public sex (including backseat of a car), writing a bad check, murder, public intoxication, fighting (yes, even women), pedophilia, homosexuality, family violence, the list goes on.  This includes people in every class of life from the poorest to the richest – I’ve seen them all.  Having traveled America and Europe, I got a chance to see it on both continents and on and off military bases.  I got to see these behaviors among men and women, officers and enlisted, and among all ages.  So don’t go trying to say you’re immune to any of it.

Okay, so you got caught.  Now what do you do?  Well, that’s pretty much up to you and your core character.  The first thing most of us do is shout, “I didn’t do it!!!”  or “I didn’t mean to!!!” or “I want a lawyer!!!”  No one says, “I’m sorry, what can I do to make it right?”  Right?

So you have to ask yourself, what is the right thing to do?  Well, if it was something illegal and law enforcement is involved, it probably is a smart thing to get a lawyer.  Not to get yourself off, but to negotiate a fair punishment.  No need to lose your job serving time if you can get reasonable time serving around your job hours, for instance, or community service.  But, serve your time, and serve it humbly.  When you see people who know what you did, be humble, but walk on.  You are paying society back, so no need to act like a kicked dog.

If it wasn’t illegal, say adultery or family violence, well that’s between the one you harmed and you.  Apologize, request counseling, and see if you can repair it.  If it is unrepairable, consider it the price you paid and move on as best you can.  No stalking – physically or electronically.

I realize these things sound simple and logical – until you are in it.  I also realize this isn’t my usual upbeat blog.  Deal with it.  It’s been a rough month.  I feel like my brain has fleas!  GRIN! I promise to post a MUCH more fun blog tonight or tomorrow after lopping some trees this afternoon!

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