Green Dying

Don’t you just hate going to funerals?  First of all, you have to dress up.  At the very least, for a woman, that means stockings,  some kind of dress or nice slacks, and a blouse.  Maybe earrings and a touch of lipstick.   YUK!  I really have to dig for any of those because I don’t own any.  If I do, they are stuffed away so far, I have to wash and press.

Okay, got that together.  You get there.  Then you have to be nice to people you a) either never liked EVER; b) have NO idea who they are; c) know them, like them, and blubber like babies with them while everyone else looks at you like you are breaking all social rules.  WHAT????  Isn’t that what funerals are for?  Grieving?  As a little girl, I remember women literally passing out at the coffin!!!!

So, by now you know that I am different.  Oh yeah, here she goes again.  Did you know that you don’t have to have a funeral home?  Or a coffin?  Or even embalming?  Whoa……

In college, I did a lot of typing for a woman doing her doctorate.  She had to visit a mortuary and asked me along so that I could type her paper better. All I can say is O. M. G.  I wouldn’t let my HUSBAND do to me what those people did to that body.  I know it is nice to see Aunt Grace all laid out pretty and clean and made up in a lovely, expensive coffin the next day, but PLEASE think about what they did to her to get her there.  The parts of her they had to touch and cut and… shudder….  Think about the perverts they find leading boy scouts and little league and transfer that to undertakers.  I hate to make to think you about that, but someone must.  It is a high dollar business, and as it is with most, there is an underbelly.

First thing that everyone needs to know, is that EMBALMING IS NOT REQUIRED in any state.  Weird, huh?  No one ever asks us if we want it.  They just pick up our loved one from where-ever. We never give permission.  Then they embalm them and we pay exorbitant amounts for it.  Then our  loved one lays in a icebox while we then go pick out an expensive coffin to put them in because, by then, the morgue and funeral home have us locked in.  Then then tell us when we can come, finally, to see our loved one.  All spruced up and paid for.  Because they make us come to a payment arrangement FIRST.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?

There are alternatives.  I need a moment, because this all makes me a bit angry.  Second post to follow.


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