Universal Truths

     As a young girl in a rural community in the South, of course I was taught “readin’, ritin’ and ‘rithmatic.”  Anything else, especially for a girl, was just plain silly. 

     As I clawed my way out into the big bad world against the advice of all the significant people in my life, first into the military and, later into college, I began to hear and read things that astounded me.  Things that I had thought were my OWN discoveries.   I was enraged in the way that only young people can be.  You mean people got PAID to write this stuff down?!  I already KNEW these things!  Yep, universal truths – or whatever you want to call it.  Things everyone knows somewhere inside themselves, but don’t realize that everyone else know it too.  Well damn. 

     Then I got looking at it and came to understand that, not only is it in the revered textbooks in college, it was in the Bible I grew up with.  Then when I looked at the anthropology classes I was taking, it was in the cultural anthropology studies of societies that existed even before Christianity.  Hmmm.  Even further back, they were in the pre-historic cultures too (pre-historic is really only a word describing ‘before written history’).  Wow, they had THEIR own understanding of the same truths – although the ways they acted on them were a little bit weird I must admit to my modern mind.

     What IS a ‘universal truth’ anyway?  I can understand an Human-ly truth, but who knows what is truth for that big ole’ Universe out there?  Shoot, who’s to say if it even thinks the same way we do, or if it even thinks at all?!!!??? 

     Here are some of the truths I’ve observed no matter what tiny corner of the Earth, no matter how tiny and isolated the culture, no matter what age the human I interacted with.

  1. There is always a power greater than yourself. It might be your boss, your spouse, the law, the government, God, or Mother Nature.  Sometimes it your own body.  But there is always something that has power over you.  Get peace with that in whatever way works for you.
  2. There are rules. Call them what you will – the Ten Commandments, science, whatever.  If you break them, there will be consequences.  Moral consequences or physical consequences, but consequences all the same.  What goes around, comes around.  I love that!
  3. Life goes on. What?  Goes. On.  Tragedies beyond words have occurred in the past, and life went on.  Tragedies occurred this past year and life went on.  Famous people died and life went on.  A beloved family member died recently and life went on.  I, personally, may die.  However, LIFE will go on.  I am but a very tiny bit of LIFE.  Sure, I think I’m pretty important.  But really, I am but a cell in it all.  An important cell, mind you, but a cell.  I’m  doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, what I am designed to do by my Creator.  But, life around me will go on when I pass.
  4. Everything matters. You’ve heard that thing that when a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere in, I dunno, Asia or something, it causes a hurricane somewhere else?  Something like that.  Anyway, although I’m not sure I get that exactly, the concept makes sense.  Take for instance the National  Geographic specials showing dolphins caught in the plastic rings that hold six-packs of sodas or beer together.  How convenient those things are in the market!  So easy to throw away!  But if we would take just a moment to snip them down the middle before throwing them away, no dolphin would ever have to be trapped.    Of course, I’m not even going to address how the danged rings got into the ocean to begin with……  What I’m getting to is that IT MATTERS if you snip it.


Those are the basics.  No need to get all wrapped up in a major dissertation of TRUTHS!!!!!  Giggle!  Maybe you’ll send me some input for more that we can all enjoy. 

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