De-Words!  De-Words!

     Since my first introduction to written words, I was in love.  Yep, I was the kid that won every ribbon for reading the most books every summer during the reading programs.  The bookmobile women loved me.  Don’t know what a bookmobile is?  Look it up.  I don’t spoon feed adults.  Librarians in every school I attended scrambled to find books that I hadn’t read.  Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit) and I met in the 6th grade, back in about 1965 or so, way before all those movies got started.  Remember?  He was the beginning of the adventures leading to The Lord of the Rings craze.  After meeting Bilbo, all I ever wanted was a Hobbit House.  Still do.

  There are word puzzle books in my bathroom, and my Kindle goes everywhere with me.  To me, the Kindle is the best invention since – well – the printed word! 

     For me, playing with words is like giving any other kid a truck.  Or a doll.  Or a construction set.  Or a chemistry set.  I can’t wait to see what I can do with them!  Sure, you can make sentences and paragraphs and stories with them.  Blah, blah, blah.  But I also love to take them apart

     A moment of humor to start this off.  The first word we will play with is decompose.  Of course you know what the word ‘compose’ means. If not, look it up because I don’t spoon feed adults.  And so to DEcompose, would mean WHAT?  Um, to reverse-compose?  Giggle!  Well, undertakers would describe it differently.  So would nature.  And worms.  Rotting leaves decompose.  Composting and such, you know.  So here’s one of my all-time favorite jokes.

A music scholar was touring through a graveyard in Vienna when he heard music coming out of a grave. On inspection, he found the headstone as Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770-1827. The music was the Ninth Symphony being played backwards. He soon rang up a friend who came in time to hear the Seventh Symphony being played backwards. They hurried to call an expert who hurried to them to hear the Fifth Symphony playing backwards. All the more weird was the fact that symphonies were being played in the reverse order in which they were composed. When the caretaker of the graveyard heard this, the only comment he made was, “What’s the wonder? He’s just decomposing!”

Are you rolling on the floor laughing?  I am and I’ve read this one a few times now!!! 

     In the military, one of the first words I encountered was ‘briefing.’  This word was used many ways, to my confusion.  “Let me brief you.”  “Come on, we have a briefing to attend.”  And the most frightening to a young female, “Debrief us.”  OMG!!! 

     So here’s some words to play with. 

     Defaced.    De-faced.  What?  Did they take the face off?

     Delight.  De-light.  Who put out that light?!

     Deliver.  De-liver.  OMG – they took out his liver!

     Unhand (me you brute!)   Un-hand.  They do that to thieves in some countries.

     Welcome.  Wel-come.  It literally means to come well into my place.

     Belittle.  Be-little.  That one is self-exlanatory.

     Here’s a final one that, along with some others like it, makes me wonder as I stroll under the stars at night.  Consider the words terminate and exterminate.  If we terminate something or someone, can we then exterminate it?

     So that’s my wise woman??!! input for today.  What wisdom, you ask?  Well, you know my answer.  I. Don’t. Spoon. Feed. Adults.

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