There is a lot of people angry over the topic of so-called ‘illegal immigrants.’  I’m not going to go giving a political stance on that one way or another.  I do wonder about some things as I walk my little piece of woods, however.

Here’s the first thing.  Everybody got here from somewhere.  I don’t mean the birthing thing, silly. What I mean is mankind moving from the “cradle of civilization” and all that.  As they moved from one place to another, they either displaced someone else or got absorbed.  Yep, they were IMMIGRANTS.  After all, that’s what all this genealogy craze is about!  As the world got more crowded, some immigrants moved in and took what they needed or wanted, conquering and displacing the existing people.   People who then moved on to do the same to others.  Who then moved on to do the same to others.  Etc., etc., etc.  So being an immigrant is something common to every human being or his/her ancestor.

Fast forward to “1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”  Supposedly that’s when Columbus ‘discovered’ America.   Here’s my question, how can someone discover what’s already been found?  Yep, Native Americans inhabited all of North American when Columbus arrived.  That makes Columbus the immigrant.  Not passing judgment.  Just saying.  He and his people set about wiping them out and taking everything, just as immigrants often do.  Sometimes this happens by conquering.  Sometimes it happens by sheer numbers.  From within.  Think about that.  That thought alone scares the bejeebees out of the ‘pure white racists’ people!  Giggle!  Oops, my opinion just showed!

Fast forward to the lady standing in New York’s harbor welcoming the immigrants of the world.  It was actually Emily Lazarus who wrote “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.”  American prided itself for freely accepting about 12 million immigrants there for over 60 years.  These immigrants weren’t given food stamps nor health care nor housing.  All the were offered was entry and a chance to do better for themselves.

Hit that fast forward button one last time.  Now I hear a new word – illegal immigrants.  As I sat in my favorite pine meadow recently, watching insects of different types co-exist, it occurred to me that maybe it isn’t the immigrants themselves people are upset about.  Perhaps it is what the immigrants are taking.  They are taking food stamps.  Health care.  Housing.  Education.  Jobs.  Things that people that are already here want to keep for themselves.

Now you expect me to give you some wise woman answers.  Not gonna happen.  We are all in this together.  This problem is age-old.  The solution changes from generation to generation.  I think it even changes from community to community, according to whatever works for each one.  This is NOT a government problem, in my opinion.  Few things are.  I believe it is a COMMUNITY problem.  I need to look at my own community and my own family and the immigrants here, and find a solution.  Then, you do the same where you are.  Then let that ripple out to the next community door to yours.  Soon enough, it will gently move on to the doorsteps of the state, and then on to our nation’s capital.  Of course, they won’t have a clue what the hell happened but…..

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